Cars With Guns

Mockup of gameplay

Screenshot of game running in C++

Screenshot of game ported to Python, with trees and a house (lower left)

Screenshot of game (still in Python), with a few rounds in flight. Finally the guns part of the "Cars With Guns" title coming to fruition.

Screenshot of game (still in Python), with a round in flight. This time, as launched by an AI vehicle, which drives around and shoots back at you. Also note the working radar screen.

No new screenshot (yet), but you can now, as a client, drive around the world, with all movement being handled on the server. Is there any screenshot that can communicate smooth client movement? And it's - get this - still in Python.

Screenshot of game (hey, it's in Python!). As you can see, the menus have been added to the out-of-game UI. Most menus aren't hooked up to things.

Screenshots of the menu system and the game. I worked out a bug in my font code that made the handwritten fonts look terrible. Now they look better. Plus, the system disables some options (which amount to most menu choices at this point). If you look more closely at the left screen, you can see some of the anticipated scenarios, although right now only one is available (certainly not complete). On the right, you'll note that the stats panel grows more useful all the time (2 out of 6 lines there display "live" data right now, the rest are mockups). Also, note the first appearance of a power-up. The screen caption is a bug that was introduced as I worked around a SDL/PyGame bug which interfered with my intro movie in fullscreen.

NEW! (No Screenshot this week)
As nice as it is to have new screenshots, there's nothing that would show up this time around. I just added a new control scheme that makes the game feel an awful lot more arcade-y, owing only a little bit to the fact that I wanted to make use of an adaptor I picked up a couple months ago that allows me to plug in Playstation 2 controllers into a USB port. The new control scheme was layered on top of a new input system which will be easily configured in game, so don't worry if you don't have a 4-axis, 12 button joystick with a POV hat, I'm going to make sure the game still works for you. Oh, and if nothing else, now you can play with strictly the keyboard.


For a limited time, you can prepurchase the full version of the shareware version of Cars With Guns. Since the game is not yet finished, you'll get an email thanking you for your support now, and then the shareware version when it's done. "But why would I do that?!" you ask. Maybe because when you prepurchase the cost is a mere $10. Maybe because of my near-hypnotic powers of persuasion. Maybe because you want the bragging rights of having a single-digit customer number. Why does anybody do anything?


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